New Website

After talking about it for ages, I have finally taken the plunge and gotten myself a website! 🙂

I feel like it’s all right for a first attempt (or at least, it’s as good as it’s going to get today because I’ve pulled out most of my hair getting it this far ) . Of course, I’m probably going to need professional help linking it to the author site I need as well  *head desk*

Anyway, I thought I would add a link to it here on my blog and a post about it before I collapse in jittery heap.



Really bad at this blogging thing

It’s true.

I’m really bad at this blogging thing. But I’ve been super busy editing the most wonderful books…and that’s a good excuse, right?

So what have I been up to this month…

Muzzling the Beast by Tina Donahue — out from Samhain Publishing May 2016  — book 4 in her Taming the Beast series.

Gabe’s Fortune by Mandy Roth Book Three in her Prospect Springs Shifter Series

Spring Secrets by Allie Boniface — out from Samhain Publishing May 2016. This is book 3 in her Pine Point series. Book 2, Winter’s Wonder, just released and is perfect for curling up and enjoying in this weather.

Lastly, congrats to the lovely Erin Nicholas on her latest Sapphire Falls release. I adore this series and look forward to all the cool things Erin has coming next year. 🙂

Erin has a novella up for free at Amazon at the moment and there’s nothing like being in Sapphire Falls during the holidays. Getting in the Spirit.  

See….busy, busy, busy 🙂

Happy holidays!


It’s all my not-so-dear husband’s fault

So I was told I looked tired this morning…more than usual. Yeah, just what I was hoping to hear.

I am tried though…with very good reason!

And it’s all my not-so-dear husband’s fault.

This is a basic rundown of how my night went:

1am: Little wildling cries
Me: Arggg, please will you go to her
DH: hmph
Me: Please
DH: hmph bmmph
Me: Oh all right then. I’ll go *grrr*

2am: DH’s phone rings. The alarm company is calling. Something’s up. DH uses his phone to get into the factory’s security cameras to check everything is okay.
Me: WTF?
DH: everything looks fine. Probably just a false alarm
Me: *grrr*

2:15am: Alarm company calls again. This time telling DH one of the company’s Jetas is showing an alarm going off and the car is also moving. DH gets up to check it’s not our Jeta.
DH comes back inside few minutes later, still talking to security company: It’s not mine. Can you see which Jeta?
Me: You got be kidding me!
DH to security company: You should have a list of what cars are with which managers. If you can let me know which Jeta I can call the manager who has the car.
Me: Come on!!!
DH: No, I don’t have a list of car registrations
Me: *weeps*
DH: No, I’m not going to call everyone with a Jeta.
Me: Noooo, we wouldn’t want to wake anyone up at this ungodly hour *puts a pillow over my face*

2:30am: Alarm company calls again.
Me: *mutters list of profanities that would make a sailor blush*
DH: Yeah, I know who that is. Yes, I can give you his number
Me: You know I want to hurt you right now, right?

5am: DH’s alarm goes off…loudly
Me: I want a divorce

All in all, I think I showed great restraint.
And I told you…all his fault I look like crap 😛

There’s just no reasoning with them…

This morning I had an interesting conversation with the poor nurse who has to do my blood tests. We talked about my unreasonable fear of needles and the subject of my other big fear came up…zombies.

The nurse couldn’t understand why zombies. Of all there is to be scared of, she couldn’t understand why the idea of the most ridiculous of all the improbable/impossible freaks me out.
And it got me thinking…why zombies? I have to admit that I’m a little scared of aliens too…of course, it depends on what kind of aliens…but back to zombies.

Here’s the thing, you can’t reason with a zombie. No matter what kind of vampire or werewolf lore you’re dealing with, vamps and shifters usually have something they care about. Whether it’s a desire for power, love of family or whatever else they feel strongly about—they feel something. There is something going on there. No matter how bad or how far gone the paranormal creature trying to eat you is, there is usually some human trait—however despicable or cold—there’s something there…some motivation/fear/trait. But there’s nothing going on with zombies. There is no reasoning with them. Nothing they’re afraid of. There’s nothing they want more than to eat you.
They’re the lemmings of the paranormal world. Single-minded and obsessive and acting en masse. You can’t scare them. You can’t reason with them. You can’t…you can’t anything with them. Because there’s nothing there…nothing except the all-consuming desire to consume you.


Come on, I’m right, right?

What else out there is scarier than zombies?

White House Down

I finally got to watch White House Down, and let me just say, “Yippee ki-yah!”

In all honesty, I should say that I love Channing Tatum. Love him. And I have pretty much enjoyed everything I’ve seen him in (except maybe that reunion movie he did with his wife…)

Anyway, back to the movie. It was all so wonderfully overdone. I mean really…the limo chase on the White House lawn. The kid with the flag. The tattooed bad guy. Yip, all so very overdone it was great.

Whether they intended it to be or not, I think it is an awesome homage to Die Hard. Channing’s character was called John, had trouble with authority, a failed marriage and a difficult relationship with his kid and spent the second half of the movie in a dirty and bloodied-up white wifebeater 🙂

I know that some people don’t like kids in books and movies because they come across as precocious or don’t act their ages…and in this case I have to agree. The kid was a bit annoying. Just a little bit.

But yeah, there was Channing Tatum running around in his little white shirt kicking ass and landing some John-McClain-like one liners 🙂 So all’s good.

So this has been fun…

So this week has been a bit of a nightmare…actually, since I didn’t get much sleep at all I don’t know if nightmare works…

This week brought with it: Purim holiday (kind of like Halloween), one toddler sick for 4 whole days and counting, eleventy thousand edits coming back all at once, oh, and I organized a Purim costume party for about 150 people tonight (please don’t let there be many more than 150 because I don’t think the alcohol will last past 2am if too many people show up – yikes)

The party starts in a few hours, the catering service messed up our order for finger foods, I hate my costume (a bunny rabbit) and my lovely husband of course won’t wear anything more than a set of devil horns or cat ears – he’s being all generous and letting me choose which 😛

Besides getting a nice ol’ zit right between eyes 😦 I think I just might be too tired to enjoy this evening.

I would say I’ll post pictures or tweet some…but I’m not sure they’ll be terribly flattering…maybe if I have enough to drink I’ll stop worrying so much…sounds like a plan, no? 🙂


There was vomiting in my house last night…

Anyone who knows me even just a little knows I can’t deal with vomit 😦 It’s my Kryptonite. Give me blood and tears and stuff stuck in noses or eyes or trees or snakes to chop in half…anything but vomit…

So 2yo stayed home from daycare this morning. And just because my awesome please-god-don’t-let-her-vomit-while-DH-is-at-work-and-make-me-have-to-with-it day couldn’t get any better…the school called at 10am…

10yo’s tummy is sore and she wants to come home.

So that’s 2 out of 3 down…and me whimpering in the corner